LifeWave Welcomes Suzanne Somers as LifeWave Ambassador!

We are very pleased to announce that well-known actress and health advocate Suzanne Somers has entered into a significant long-term relationship with LifeWave! As LifeWave Ambassador, Suzanne will be an advocate of the LifeWave products and an integral part of our marketing efforts.

What this Means for LifeWave

This is a significant and important development for LifeWave. Suzanne is a visible, trusted, outspoken advocate of a holistic approach to health. In addition to her work as a well-known actress, singer, comedienne and businesswoman, she is a #1 New York Times bestselling author, with numerous books on health and wellness. Suzanne's endorsement will garner more visibility for LifeWave, helping propel us to new levels of growth.

"Suzanne and her team understand who we are as a company and what we do," says LifeWave Founder & CEO David Schmidt. "Our visions are very synergistic, and we are tremendously enthusiastic about this relationship."

Suzanne was first introduced to LifeWave in 2006. After trying the patches and seeing their effects first hand, she became an avid supporter. In her latest bestseller Knockout, Suzanne says, "I love these patches. They are nondrug and do the job perfectly. I couldn't be without them, and David Schmidt is a genius for creating them."

About Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers has achieved tremendous success in her career, starting as an actress and building a very successful business enterprise. In addition to her work as an actress, she is a singer, comedian, New York Times Best Selling author, and alternative healthcare activist. She is the top infomercial celebrity of all time and the top celebrity on Shop NBC. There are more than 10 million copies of her books in print!

LifeWave and Suzanne Somers Videos

LifeWave Welcomes Suzanne Somers 2010 Lifewave Training in Laguna, CA

The LifeWave Communitywith
Suzanne Somers on the 2009 Cruise

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Suzanne Somers and LifeWave

Suzanne Somers Launches LifeWave Media Tour / July 12, 2010

LifeWave ambassador Suzanne Somers hit the ground running with a United States national satellite media tour on July 7th to broadcast her passionate support for the U.S. President's Cancer Panel's (PCP) recent report that links chemical pollutants in our environment to cancer. In her interviews with the media, Suzanne spoke about the role LifeWave has played in helping her counter these chemicals through detoxification.

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Personal Message from Suzanne Somers / April, 15th 2010

My passion is in finding ways to live the healthiest, happiest, longest life possible – and in sharing what I learn. So what have I learned? That there is no one solution to health. For example, a program such as SP6 Complete is only effective if you are making the right diet and exercise choices while you are on it. Living healthy is a way of life, a series of choices we make for our health every day.

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LifeWave Celebrates 5 Years with 5 Unforgettable Days!

For 5 exciting and action packed days, LifeWave leaders, staff and members from around the world joined Suzanne Somers and her team to commemorate 5 years of success and growth for our company! They celebrated LifeWave's anniversary in style, cruising the Caribbean aboard a sleek new Italian cruise liner, the MSC Poesia. During the cruise, LifeWave members had opportunities for both leisure and business.

They took ample advantage of the cruise liner's 18 decks to dance, dine, lounge, celebrate and meet one another. They also had a chance to hear the latest LifeWave business and product advancements. Off the ship, they explored the turquoise waters and tropical landscapes of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. But, most importantly, they had an opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships and invaluable camaraderie with one another!

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Lifewave Cocktail Party with Suzanne Somers

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Books by Suzanne Somers
Breakthrough - Eight Steps To Wellness

Knockout - Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer

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